Full render of my model

Ok, I rendered my model, uploadsed it on Sketchfab and shared it on the weekly challenge topic at https://community.gamedev.tv/t/the-blender-collab-weekly-themed-gallery-week-4/2897/7

Here are the results:

Added skybox and some paint

Well, yesterday was a hard day, didn’t have time to touch my computer. Today I’m dead tired, but still added the skybox for final rendering, and a  few details, coloring etc etc. Didn’t want to detail the ground and stuff though



Gone is the bike!

The future is most probably not belonging to personal transportation means, but surely more to some kind of shared or public transportations on demand. Since I don’t know what’s gonna be in 1000 years, I know we won’t have flying cars soon. So I decided to create the Wheely, some shiny new transportation mean!