AirConsole 1.4.6

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What a nice new year’s gift for all AirConsole Construct 2 devs! The plugin in its version 1.4.6 just got released. This version is a merge of my latest work introducing advanced message functions. These advanced functions should allow devs to use AirConsole’s awesome controller generator! A quick overview of what’s new:

  • Deprecated OnMessageKey
  • New OnMessageKey
  • OnMessageKeyIs
  • OnMessageKeysContain
  • (AirConsole).GetMessageProperties
  • (AirConsole).GetMessageProperty()
  • (AirConsole).GetMessagePropertiesCount
  • (AirConsole).IsMessagePropertySet

And best of all, full recursion is supported for message properties, allowing advanced messages to be captured and treated by Construct 2!

Full update message available on Scirra: Scirra AirConsole plugin forum topic

Download the plugin, official channel:

Download the plugin, my repository:

Feel free to PM me for problems, questions  and even if you need other functions.

Wish you all a happy new year and happy coding!

DXRacer, she’s here!

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After about 9 days waiting on my order, it finally arrived today! My new chair! DXRacer King Black and White. I needed a new chair, my old one was something like, hmmm, 20 years old? With my back problems, but also my height and weight, it’s kinda hard to find something that fits and is confortable enough. But gaming chairs have a good reputation to be confy and supportive. Price wise? Well, 500 usd, not really a big deal if you think about my office chair that cost over 1300 CHF and is not as good as this one! Putting together is very easier, maybe a bad point on the handles to mount and are very difficult to put on place with the right orientation, but the rest is about… 8 screws! Allen key comes with as like every respectable company.

Two leather cushions, one for your neck and one for your lower back are included, making this a top product in my eyes. Make sure to check their awesome products on . Why DXRacer and not another one could you ask… Well, DXRacer provides you with a chart with the fitting chair for  different heights and weights! So it’s pretty handy and easy to find what you will need to sit cosy for your night game sessions! And if you feel tired but not enough to crawl in your bed, just tilt the backseat that can go very low and put you in a very nice almost horizontal position!



Check out DXRacer website: DXRacer

Make sure to check the shop where I bought it too, whole lot of stuffs for your computer!: Gear2Game