Project Alice core casing

Back to school and childhood, where we spent hours building whatever possible with cardboard.

When you want to test something, you need to prototype it, and cardboard comes very handy when trying to put a casing together! So yes, I spent hours cutting, shaping, hot gluing, taping pieces of cardboard to give Alice, core module, a housing, that holds her screen, speaker, mic array, leads, power supply and that let’s you access the components in case something goes wrong, access the SD card etc etc.

Well, I won’t do a long post about this one, but just give you a series of picture I made while having fun doing it! And a little video of course 🙂




This is step one, before doing better, again with cardboard. Cardboard until good design is found then I’ll move to 3D printing.

Concerning the sound:
The confirmation sounds (“Yes?” after hotword and the chime after my commands) are played on device.

Alice then answers using my Sonos that is about 2m further away, explaining why you hear it lower. This is a mod I did for Snips to be able to use my Sonos as a speaker.

The music also comes from the Sonos 2m further away.


Dev safe!

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