3D printed casing

Ho ho ho snipsters and followers! Ok, I’m about 7 days late, but better late than never no?

Just wanted to shoot a little message as it’s been a long time. Pretty busy end of the year. Been working on stabilizing Project Alice while implementing minor changes and addons. I am actually thinking over the possibility of sharing it to the grand public. As of now, Snips offices have kindly asked to have a look at the code so I decided to share it to them, as well as Rand for his home, along with some 3D printed cases.

Last week I decided I needed a Linux running computer instead of always having to flash a raspberry pi and start it. This is for the some cases I need to access a linux file system of shrink a raspberry pi image. And other cases as well. So I started to play around the idea and finally designed a casing. It’s prett cool, so imma use it for Alice main unit as well. Alice doesn’t need any mic or speaker, just a pi running with an SD. This case is designed to host a pi 3, with a 50×50 active fan. And if you need disk space, it can accomodate an X850 MSata adapter.

A few pictures? As you wish!!

I hear you already “Why all that empty space??”. I’m pretty sure some of you will add a speaker in there and instead of having the msata card and the fan, use a respeaker, no? 😉

You like it? Well, then I shall share the files too!! You’ll need to print the spacers 4 times, the grille and fan guards 2 times and choose, based on your printer cap, to print the full cover, in which case you won’t need the pin, or both left and right cover

Download files

Good luck and dev safe!