Diablo 3 to the end

Well, took me all these years to get to the end of that game. Srsly?? Yeah, well, before all the rework, and the extension, I have to admit that game was nothing to me, and I got bored after a few hours.  I started to play again not so long ago…. And playedthrough the game, in difficult mode. Was fun, but Diablo was waaaaayyyy toooo easy to kill. So discovering the game further, I found the Kanai Cube and started to use it in order to extract some powers ofmy equipement, like the infinite hate one that is absolutely needed for my demon hunter. Understood the Nephalem rifts, cool! Oh, and I dropped my pennant as well as my wings and a few minions! Behold my hero!



Diablo III come back

Diablo III….. I was a huge fan of Diablo first and second of the name, spent uncountable hours on them, played the scenario again and again. Then came the big announcement, Diablo III was to come, Blizzard was back to work on this fabulous gothic game! I was really looking forward to that game, that much that I pre ordered the physical deluxe edition! Then came that big day, the release day! We all were up late, waiting for the servers to come online! And they missed, everything went straight to hell (pun intended). But well, I wasn’t that mean and decided to wait a little for it to settle. About a week after launch, I finally started to play. What a disappointment… I was baffled, terrible, the game wasn’t feeling Diablo to me. So I stopped, with a barbarian level 18 only! I stopped until today, when some in the Project Spark CAG skype group were talking about it and told me it turned better after the extansion, Reaper of Souls (RoS). So yeah, decided it deserved a second chance! And god yeah, it deserved it! That extansion plus all the patches release since 4 years made it an awesome game! So here I am, playing Diablo III again, with my Deamon Hunter!