Well, a distant and far planet, hard to reach…. First, you need to understand the interplanetary mecanism and be able to use those damn node handles… Which is quite an achievement already. Then you need to get there, meaning having enough fuel… Once there, understand how to brake and try to orbit at least, if not landing. If you try to land you need to be able to take off again, orbit and go back home…

And I decided to try. So I built Solaris One, a very bad designed ship ┬áthat was carrying 2 landers, one for Duna and one for Ike. My space engineer skills were so bad that we just just made it to duna, got to land both landers, but none of them with enough fuel to get back to the main ship. And the main ship was almost dry… Damn, 3 kerbals there!

So back to the drawing board I designed Solaris II, with nuclear engines this time and only one lander. Went great, flew to Duna, got both kerbonauts back aboard, but I was short on fuel to make it back to Kerbin. That’s where I got the brilliant idea to dock Solaris I to Solaris II and use the fuel left overs on Solaris I to refill my rescue mission! It worked, I had enough fuel to make it back to Kerbin’s orbit and land my kerbonauts! A hell of a lot of science came back with this mission: 2418!

Mun Orbital Station

Yep, she’s complete now! Took time I know…

On the station, kerbonauts and scientists will find:

  • Ore storage
  • Science lab
  • Every science modules
  • Living quarters
  • Ore transformation unit
  • Fuel tanks for refueling
  • RCS tanks for refueling
  • Refuelling ship ready to help any ship in difficulty nearby, with a clamp for fuel transfer
  • Plenty of energy provided by large solar panel arrays
  • A Mun <-> Station ore transportation vessel

Mun Station

Got a contract, about building a new Mun orbital station. So hell yeah, went for it!

This is only the start, 4 missions already to bring those pieces up there, old school, no mods! It is still missing the laboratory, habitable part, command center part, and ore transformation part. That will come later ­čÖé

Mun mining mission is back

Yep, it’s back… But hell that was again close to a disaster. I mined up to the full tank, meaning I extracted 1500 units. Thought I had plenty of fuel to take off mun and go back to Kerbin… Gosh, I just just made it to orbit and had about 4 units fuel left. So I had to build a refuel mission. Happy me the grabbing unit lets you transfer fuel easily. After that, and crashing the rest of refuel mission on Mun, IU could head back to Kerbin. But that huge heat shield is just impossible to jettison without blowing my entire ship. So I decided to reenter Kerbin atmosphere without heat shield, but just burn the rest of my fuel to slow me down and lower heating time. It worked! I landedmymining mission on Kerbin. Very nice reward, but the ore gets you nothing! For 1.5k ore brought back to Kerbin, I got…… +11 funds! WTF??

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Mun mining

Got my first ore mining contract! And there we go, I need to bring 500 units of ore from the mun back to Kerbin (and of course land all that in one piece, that will be the harder part. Now I must confess, that the first try I did was a total disaster. The rocket would keep it straight, was very unbalanced. I brought it to orbit though and to the mun! But well, due to stupidness, I had not well thought the whole thing and never got to land that thing, but rather crash it at >300m/s…. And there was no way back, couldn’t revert the flight as I did a couple of things when the station was flying to mun. So I did a second, after mourning the money loss, and went to mun. The second one flies better and could actually land! It is now extracting ore from the surface of the Mun, where I could land on a nice sweet ore spot thanks to the narrow scanner ┬ámounted on the vessel.

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Flying, spacecrafts…

Well, this is still a tricky part of this game and to be honest, without unlocking further avionic stuffs, I couldn’t get very far. The landing gears, the fule part, cockpits, nothing was strong enough, light enought etc etc… But here is my first really flying AND landing plane. Could only bring it to about 30k meters, as higher than that the engine just stops, I’d need some rocket boosters to actually go to orbit. But it wasn’t the point of this try…

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Battery pack installed

Got me thinking a while, but then I came up with this battery pack rover! And it worked, it connected to my already existing base that was full of science, on the transfer docks I had placed for thos situation. The first station has now delivered 500 science to Kerbin. New missions to all my stations will soon take place, bring 2k science home!